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Friends, gourmands, fellow citrus lovers! I am here to bring you great tidings of JOY and FOOD and GRAPEFRUIT.

Bill and I tried Alton Brown's simple recipe for grapefruit brulee. And it is *amazing*. my tastebuds want to taste nothing but this forever and ever right now, because it is clean and crisp tasting, but also subtle and sophisticated.

Cut your grapfruit in half and cut around the edge with a serrated knife so the segments will be easy to remove later (I cut each segment loose for maximum eating efficiency; but then I also don't have a grapefruit spoon)

Sprinkle with a thick layer of coarse sugar (maybe 2tsp)

Get your brulee torch. (*evil laughter* yes! I have a brulee torch! And I'm not afraid to use it!)

melt the sugar until golden brown, and burnt in some areas. MmmmMmmmMmmm Caramelization.

THEN! Then comes the secret ingredient: SALT! quickly sprinkle just a pinch of course sea salt onto the hot sugar... and be prepared to be amazed.

See, salt blocks bitter taste receptors. so while a grapefruit normally tastes sour and bitter, and we cover it in sugar to mask the bitterness and make it sweet, when we add salt the bitterness is gone and the salt enhances the sweet and sourness of the fruit.

Bill also really liked it.

LOST- emo jack

Lost, non spoilery... unless you are worried about beards.

me: and Lepidus sucks with out his beard. I don't want to look at his face.
Michael: It's coming back! Very slowly. :)
me: yes! I did notice!
Michael: It must be so tough to keep beard continuity on a show like Lost.
me: yeah, seriously! like Jack beard.
9:43 PM Btw I'm blogging that one.
Michael: Well, take Jorge/Hurley. He's got to have like that constant medium growth. Sawyer is another stubble continuity nightmare.
Stubble Continuity Nightmare is my new band name.
me: cackle
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I have decided I would be failing at my duty to inform as many people as possible of awesome things if I did not share these here. (BTW THAT is my plan for world domination- spread the awesome... although this is not related to my warrior queen aspirations) If you only watch some, watch the first and last ones.

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I got down to a 9 min 30 seconds mile on the elliptical.

This is big doings for me! This is the first time I've made it under 11, and I made it under 11 by A LOT.

To celebrate, I want to make a new gym mix... and I want your help.

What music really gets your blood pumping? Suggest a song! Hell, suggest ten songs! My preferred musics tend to not lead to high intensity exercise so any and all recommendations are welcome. :)
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Cow are going to get you while you sleep...

Chances are, you were not around for the conversation where we decided that the plural of octopus isn't octopi, nor is it octopodes (using the proper greek roots and all!)and certainly not "Octopuses" which wikipedia tells me is accepted but I think is vulgar, but rather, is cow-not cows, cows is the plural of cow, cow is the plural of octopus.)

And, my friends, this video shows the problem solving capacities of the octopus to be pretty impressive. Scarily impressive.

They can climb through twisting tubes!

Thankfully the MO of the tricky octopus tends to be to cram its large and boneless body into whatever container it has just opened.


Thumbs 1- Tentacles 0
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So, I forgot to register because I am a serious slacker with ADD and too much on her platter (that's how much there is! I had to upgrade from a plate!)

But Bill and I will be walking with Team Monkey Hugs today, at the AFSP Out of the darkness walk, in memory of our friend Wyatt, and the others I have lost through suicide. Please, if you can, give to the cause. Your donations can go to anyone on the team!


*hugs everybody*