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Fillet Mignon in red wine glaze

Mostly just so I can remember for next time!

All measurements are approximate

about 1.5 cups red wine (we went with a raven's wood zinfindel)
splash of red wine vinegar (1/8 cup ish)
1tbsp brown sugar
garlic powder

bring to a boil
simmer to reduce for a while
remove from heat and whisk in 2tbsp butter
add about 1tsp of flour to a little of the reduction in a teacup, whisk back in to help with thickening.

guys, this was AMAZING!
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I'm using a New York Times article for a research paper and all I can think is "Why is this woman allowed to write for the times?" Like, seriously. Some of the worst writing I have encountered in a long time but the article has some really useful information for the angle of my paper so I can't just discount it... UUUUGH! Some winners:

"Thus inspired, she completed her Ph.D., showing, to the shock of herself and the entire scientific community, that humans and chimpanzees have more than 99 percent of their DNA in common."

"Dr. King, who is 47, is an unreclaimed liberal, and she is delighted that her headquarters, wedged in the middle of a building devoted to forestry science, has a bit of history to it."

"She won her greatest fame by working in Argentina with a human rights group, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, attempting to reunite, with their families, children who were kidnapped in the 1970's and early 1980's by the Argentinian military junta."


"Yet in spite of it all, she manages to look young for her age, with a slab of dark hair that seems almost immobilized by its own thickness. Doesn't she ever feel overwhelmed? "Of course I feel overwhelmed!" she said, her voice rising up in a whoop ever so slightly reminiscent of Julia Child.

"What does being overwhelmed have to do with it?" She walks and talks so swiftly that by comparison one feels trapped in resin. Not a Bloodless Drone

"She's insightful, irreverent, energetic, a wonderful antidote to the notion people have of scientists as lifeless, bloodless drones," said Dr. Eric Lander, a molecular biologist at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, who is an old friend. "


Look, guys I'm not usually too critical of others writing. I know I make a lot of grammar faux pas myself. But! She writes for the mother fucking New York Times. I did a little research and found out she once wrote an article "Ew, don't touch it: Why is nature sometimes so ugly?" And now she writes for the New York Times. Not a Bloodless Drone
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the mask maker is a very busy girl.

guys, I have tons of product for sale, much of which I don't even have time to get up on my etsy store... so, if you want a mask for Halloween I have little jesters and imps for $50, a few lovely masks for $100, and a few big ones I can let go for $175-$225 (lion, medusa, minotaur, Cheshire cat) so let me know and I can send you a (cellphone) picture of one you're interested in. Tell your friends! :)
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StrowlerCon Feed

Originally posted by cluegirl at StrowlerCon Feed
Hey everyone!

Last night was, in a word, AWESOME! For those of you who happened to glance at this blog last night, you saw me mention that the concerts and shows were going out on live feed, right?

Well, this is where it gets better. For the balance of today, right up until TONIGHT'S live feed goes out, we are leaving access to last night's broadcast up.

That's right, y'all get a replay option!
If you missed seeing Kellianna's stunning opening act; if you tuned in too late to hear [info]s00j and [info]stealthcello play the Skinny White Chick set; if you didn't get to see all of the Gypsy Nomads; or if you're stuck down at New York Comic Con, and missing Catherynne Valente more than you can bear, and would like to have a slice of her readings -- Hint; there was new stuff. Oh yes, there was! -- and S.J. Tucker's awesome songspinnings around those words -- Hint; there were new songs too!; if you missed the pasty-splosion of Rogue Burlesque...
We've got it handled for you!

You will also notice, as you click over to check out the awesome that is the live stream replay , that there is a little widget to the right of the screen, which will let you tip the artists you like and love.

Let me say it again, because I am a busker myself, and this is Relevant to my Interests: Tip the acts you enjoy. Just a bit of pocket change adds up to make the difference for a Strowler, you know. In the words of a wise man: "A little money makes the difference between an adventure, and an ordeal."

Tonight's feed will feature Kellianna at 7:00, followed by Heather Dale at 8:00, Sharon Knight at :9:00, Tricky Pixie at 10:00, and the Vagabond Vaudeville show at 11:00.

And finally, SHILL THIS POST! Oh, beloveds, let the internet ring with this ephemeral opportunity to sample our awesome!

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Originally posted by shadesong at HELL YEAH STROWLERCON

StrowlerCon is October 8-10 in Woburn, MA, and we are going to rock like you would not believe.

Join us in the Grand Ballrooms of the Woburn Holiday Inn, just north of Boston, on Columbus Day weekend — October 8th-10th, 2010 — for three nights of entertainment (live music, circus arts, burlesque) and two days of workshops, panels and other activities, including a special 10/10/10 celebration, and a Maker Showcase featuring inventions and material creations as well as artwork by local creators and attendees.

Click there to buy tickets - $45 for the weekend, $25 per day for day passes (so if you're going for more than one day, it pays to just buy the $45 weekend pass). To reserve your hotel room, e-mail lodging@strowlers.com.

Can't go but want to support StrowlerCon and sponsor a strowler? We have supporting memberships, and they come with goodies.

Okay. You have the technical details. But 'song, you say, what did you say about ROCKING?

Here you GO.

Friday night: Concerts by SJ Tucker, Kellianna, and Gypsy Nomads, and the MONSTERS' BALL featuring SJ Tucker, Catherynne Valente, Lee Harrington, and other special guests!

* Day One of a two-day intensive writing workshop with Catherynne Valente ([info]yuki_onna)!
* Sacred Kink and Rope Sex workshops with the amazing Lee Harrington!
* Burlesque workshop!
* Guitar workshop with Ben Deschamps!
* Costuming workshop with [info]cluegirl, the Wandering Legion, and Lady Cyanide!
* Poi-spinning tutorial with K Wiley ([info]omnisti)!
* "Zen for Clowns" - Beginning Contact Juggling and Object Manipulation with Russ Sharek!
* A reading by [info]yuki_onna!
* Panels about Making Your Own Way; Strowlers in Myth, Legend, and Folklore; disaster stories from street theater; and Meet the Performers sessions with Tricky Pixie and Sharon Knight!

Saturday night: Concerts by Tricky Pixie, Sharon Knight, Heather Dale, and Kellianna - and a naughty nightime show, Vagabond Vaudeville: Mountebanks, Shewers of Tricks, and Wanderers of Fortune, with tawdry circus performers, bodacious burlesque by Rogue Burlesque, a rope show by Lee Harrington, MCing by the infamous [info]lightcastle, and so much more! (This will probably be your only chance to see me tied up on stage, I am just saying. So if that is relevant to your interests, hey!)

* VIP brunch to celebrate 10:10:10!
* Day Two of the writing workshop!
* Maskmaking workshop with [info]ioianthe of The Uncommon Facade!
* Busking for Beginners with [info]cluegirl!
* Juggling for Beginners with [info]slipjig!
* Circus Arts for Beginners with Frank Mohr!
* Improv workshop with Frank Mohr!
* Vocal workshop with Sharon Knight!
* Origami workshop with Andrew Anselmo!
* Gentlemen's Duelling with the Wandering Legion!
* A reading by me (Shira Lipkin)!
* An hour with [info]s00j and [info]yuki_onna!
* Accessory-making workshop with [info]cluegirl, Lady Cyanide, and potentially others!
* Panels on cross-media collaboration (with [info]s00j, [info]yuki_onna, [info]kythryne, and me) and Music as Magic; Meet the Performers sessions with [info]s00j, [info]yuki_onna, Heather Dale, and the Gypsy Nomads!

Sunday night: Concerts by Heather Dale, Sharon Knight, and the Gypsy Nomads, and the StrowlerCon Challenge - a no-holds-barred open mic where you might actually get to see me dance.

All of this AND a maker showcase and art show and vendors including Kythryne of Wyrding Studios, [info]rivenwanderer of purpleshiny, Dark Siren Designs, Parrish Relics, Red Fork Empire, Behind the Mask, and many more, with demos going all the time!

So buy those tickets (only $45 for all of this!), reserve that hotel room, and come have truly epic amounts of fun at StrowlerCon. This is going to rock. your. socks.

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I have pieces for bid up over at the blogathon auction to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! You should go and bid, and not just on my stuff! Tons of amazing art and craft items to benefit a great cause. :) I should also point out that my needle felted phoenix is the kind of thing that you won't be able to get for this low a price ever again because needle felting is super fun but also very time consuming and my time is valuable!
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Real life

You know what? Nobody ever tells you that real life NEVER STOPS. And I MISS hyper focus.

Have you seen those ADD pie charts? Wait, lemme get them.

So, this is my brain a big part of the time without Ritalin. It SUCKS.

This is my brain a smaller portion of the time without Ritalin. It is GODLIKE the way the rest of the world disappears and I can completely invest myself into something. Unfortunately I can't pick what it goes to so sometimes it's the internet or something awful. But when it's right? When it's art or writing and the world disappears? It's amazing.

The thing is? it's rare for that to happen. It's rare and only happens when my brain isn't medicated. Spending less time unmedicated drops the likelihood WAY down. It has only happened once since I started taking ritalin, and that was when I redecorated the kitchen/dining room.

This is the regular thing. Most brains. My brain with Ritalin. Look at how much stuff I am thinking about all the time, while STILL being able to do what I need to do! LOOK AT IT!

That's a lot of stuff, all the time... and I guess that's what being a functional adult is all about but OMG is it overwhelming.

And it points to the first thing I need to learn how to do, as opposed to having it just fall effortlessly into my lap like everything else I've discovered while being on Ritalin.

I need to re-teach myself to be truly still. I also need to learn not to expect to be able to let go of the things I need to keep track of... weird.
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Watching Julie and Julia which is ADORABLE by the way, but this made me lol.

Amy Adams: "I can't finish anything I've started, and do you know why?"
The Guy: "Why?"
Her: "ADD"
Him: "you really think you have ADD?"
Her: "Yes! It's why I'm no good at housework."