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we are, for some reason, all the time, bleeding,

and we love these dogs!!!

we've got an unquenchable thirst in our throats.
19 December 1981
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I'm Mandy, I make masks.
Everyone asks me the same question: How did you end up making masks?

let me tell you:

I have a strong background in theater, and ended up spending a lot of time in my late teens and early twenties working building props, masks, puppets, and scenery pieces for a local children's theater. This experience lead me to constantly bigger and better projects- I've made a bison head with five foot long horns, giant bugs and an elephant the size of a pony... and as much as I loved the larger more out there work, my favorite has always been masks.

In 2007, I got married and my husband and I had a masquerade wedding. When buying our masks, I was awed by the work that was available out there- from the elegant fantasy work in leather to the traditional papier mache masks of the Venetian masters. It was then that I decided that was the permanent direction I wanted to take my art.

I started making my own papier mache masks with a decidedly muppet-esque flair, I made several pieces which were great fun. Then, I was contacted by a poi spinner who needed a mask with some very odd specifications, the biggest one being that he needed it to be fireproof.

I had always wanted an excuse to try working with molded leather, so I was excited for the opportunity to try it, and once I put my hands to the leather I knew for sure I had found my medium...

The rest, my friends, is history.

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